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Fresh, comprehensive business information

Using its patented machine learning technology, Panscient compiles comprehensive and accurate business and business professional databases. Each database is collected from a crawl of over 150 million websites, and is refreshed quarterly (higher frequency refreshes available).

Available databases:

US Company Profiles:

A collection of over 8.6 million US business names and contact information. Each record includes the website URL, the business name, business description, keywords, and at least a US address or US phone. Corporate fax and email address are also provided where available.

US Professional Profiles:

A collection of over 19.5 million names and job titles of business executives, board members and business professionals as found on 2.4 million corporate websites. Each profile includes a contact name, job title, company name and reference URL, and where available, work and educational history, and direct corporate contact information.

Panscient databases are created automatically using patented machine learning and web crawling technology. Corporate websites are usually the first to be updated when business information changes; hence our databases contain some of the most accurate and fresh corporate data available.

Panscient databases are a natural fit for business intelligence, recruiting, sales lead, business directory and social networking products - wherever accurate and comprehensive information on businesses and business professionals is required.

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